3 inept heroes, and 3 qualified heroes, (You know who you are) must survive against war, time, nature, and the intercosmic actions of the planes themselves as they attempt to fulfill their ambitions, and perhaps save existence in the process.

Can they beat the insurmountable odds? Only time will tell… The clock is ticking.

The Heroes:

Atamil Nailo (CN)A whimsical, but rather flimsy bard whose passions include playing the trumpet, writing opera, and braving the sea. The only thing he fears more than death is the spider. He endeavors to become a legendary pirate, and sleep with a woman from every port.

Morthos- (CN) A human warlock in a constant flux between good and evil. He is a stunt junky and is never afraid to go the extra mile to do something that would look totally kick ass. If nor for him there would be no party today.

Obin- (CE) A human wizard who enjoys magic almost as much as he enjoys killing prostitutes. Surely if his mischief was discovered he would be at the mercy at the combined force of his “friemds” But his sly endeavors keep his habits well covered.

William Pineapple- (CN) A foppish human swashbuckler who nobly serves Captain Nightlark in whatever endeavors he undertakes.

John Locke- (LE) A human fighter who sold his soul for a little extra oomph while duel wielding bastard swords. No matter what actions he undertakes in life his soul is promised to a lord of Hell.