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The original characters who began this adventure were simple village people. Their village came under attack by vile undead skeletons, so they went out to find truth in vengeance.

In doing so they discovered a group of magic users devoted to discovering the secrets of life and warping them to their own purposes. But unfortunately the methods they used to collect information where as subtle as they were legal. This would come back to haunt them soon.

During their stay in the city of Grossen, they befriended an inn keeper and his family. On one fateful day the Inn keeper’s son returned from his travels not quite the same as when he left. He was soon married. Pelor himself showed up at the wedding, disguised as a poor old man. When the inn keeper invited him to stay and partake in the festivities he revealed his true form, Pelor, God of the sun. He granted the Inn keeper one wish. He wished for his son’s happiness. I must mention that there was a drinking contest between the party and Pelor. Pelor won.

Long story short, there was a secret compartment in the son’s room that led to a torture chamber, where he had tortured and killed a few homeless. After a short skirmish the guard took in the heroes for questioning, and placed them under arrest for crimes committed in the not so far away city of New Haven.

Instead of being hanged for their crimes they were pressed into military service, for it was a time of war. They were sent to clear out the old abandoned forts and towers near the border, along with another contingent of convicts.

After securing the forts they received word that they would be moving out. They were going into enemy territory. They met no resistance as they marched into the enemy city and occupied it for nearly a week.

One night the resistance forces emerged from hiding and took the troops completely by surprise. They fought bravely for their lives, and were doing well under the leadership of their brave sergeant, but the friction between the heroes and the sergeant proved to be too much to bear.

The one character who stayed loyal was cut down in the line of duty, and the other two successfully escaped from the city. Disillusioned from the adventuring life, they transferred their journal, with all their information, to another group of adventurers who happened to be passing by, Atamil, Morthos, Captain Nightlark, and Obin. They undertook the quest.

On their way back to Grossem, they pass the city of New Haven, which has been taken over by the enemy. Atamil and Nightlark attempt to infiltrate enemy camp to discover intelligence. Posing as a new recruit, Nightlark is able to seduce the enemy commander, but unfortunately, he rolled a 5 on his perform (in the sack) check. In his frustration, he threw a torch on the tent. Atamil followed his lead with a few more torhes.

The group heads back to Grossen, itching to take the fight to the enemy in whatever way they can, sign on a privateer vessel and head out to see. The group senses the turmoil of ship to ship combat as the perfect time to stage a mutiny. After their own captain, Nightlark takes command and guides the ship back to port.

As soon as the ship docks the heroes go off to spend their newly acquired booty. Unfortunately the city is in danger. A wealthy and unwise patron had ordered a rhino from faraway. Said rhino was rarin’ for a fight after his 3 week voyage. The party bravely engage the rhino and defeat it through teamwork. Although Morthos gets all the credit, because he rode in and fought the rhino on a recently purchased dire giant bat, thereby becoming the hero of Grossen.

After this impressive display of heroism, the mayor of Grossen asks the team to head the city’s naval defense in the expected attack from British forces. The team gladly accepts the responsibility.

During the battle, the team is ordered to sail past the enemy fleet and destroy the flagship, captained by a strange being rumored to have psychic powers. They defeat him and Atamil makes his hide into boots.

Everything is fine for a few days, but one night the city is taken by surprise. British air ships had begun bombing the city. While the party braved the inferno of the mayor’s house, Morthos rode his dire bat and took the fight to the airships. He was knocked unconscious, but due to a 24-hour spider climb effect, was able to stay on the airship out of sight and was taken with it to its home port behind enemy lines.

The party believed the worst. In fact, Morthos had teamed up with a young fighter named John Locke, and a strange woman named Alexandra to sink the ships of a group of extra-planar mercenaries who surely would have sacked Grossen. After that, they entered the arena and made it to the national championship.

To ensure they have the resources to win, they agree to work for an infernal patron, and go to the lower planes for a short foray into the Blood War.

Meanwhile, the party is invited to a tournament, to determine who will wed the mayor’s daughter. The challenges are intense, but eventually Obin emerges as the surprise victor, and wins her hand in marriage.

Now that the heroes are free of distractions they follow a lead to the arcane college in the town of Mud Spring, hoping to find more clues about the undead. They find a detachment of American soldiers trying desperately to hold back a swarm of undead monstrosities. They are asked by Commander William Strawberry to rescue the archmage from the college. They barely escape with their lives.

That night Obin’s wife sends a message through a dream. She says that she is in danger, so the heroes abandon the troops to go help the damsel in distress. They find that the extra-planar mercenaries have taken Grossen.

Obin is killed in an attempt to smuggle weapons into the city for the rebellion. But he is true-ressed by his father in law so he can fight in a last heroic stand by the aristocracy. The party leaves the aristocrats to die, and abandon the city. Not before Obin kills his wife for fear that she is cheating on him.

With a fresh crew, the party decides to sail for Grul ‘K Mak to gain pirate reps. While their they make enemies with the most famous pirate of their time, Cpt. John Trimble. Trimble captures Obin and persuades him to divulge the name of Nightlark’s ship. Her gives him a valuable glass rod for his trouble, sends him on his way, and nonchalantly sinks Nightlark’s ship.

Now shipless, crewless, goldless, and hopeless, the heroes go to see the dragon who lives on the far side of the island. Slizzit, the bronze dragon discovers that the rod is actually a treasure map, and the heroes are back on track.

The party convinces a group of devils to sponsor their voyage, who believe that the map leads to a sphere of annihilation, and insist on sending enforcers to protect their interests. These enforcers are Zilwi, an Amnizu devil, Morthos and John Locke. Morthos and John are bound to defend Zilwi, because due to spell, if Ziliwi dies, they both die as well.

After a fairly short voyage with a lot of action, the Heroes reach the island on the map. It is inhabited by a tribe of Lizardfolk, who guard a temple built into the side of a volcano. The Heroes burn their way through the dinosaur infested forest to get to the temple, steal the treasure, and are flown out by a contingent of Erinyes as the volcano erupts. They find no sphere, but did find a deck of many things. Since they found no sphere, Zilwi claims the right to the soul of every crew member on board. (Always read the fine print)

John Locke has become more powerful after drawing death from the deck, but his constitution was severely drained. Obin and Locke both can have the power to rewrite any single situation they choose, and Obin and Nightlark both must decide where to place their castles within the hour.


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